The Trick to Corporate Content

There is no trick to good content. Really. Don’t try tricks.

If you try to trick your way to content, you’ll inevitably sound false and phony.

Many of you do now because:

  1. You think content is putting promotions on the web.
  2. You’ve succumbed to SEO tactical tricks.
  3. Or more probably, you’ve not been unable to thread the interior mechanics of your own operation to overcome the bureaucracy of your own operation.

Here are some steps to drive authentic content.

  1. Determine your true client need. (Or pay new attention to it.)
  2. Formulate the value prop that fulfills those needs.
  3. Now think what you want your client to come away with once they have read your content.  What response do you want?  Think of this before you even think of what your actual content is literally?
  4. Define your content as stories, charts, tools and wizards that answer the questions your clients have concerning #1 above crossed with your answer to #3.
  5. Make your value proposition incidental in the content – not in overt offers or direct branding.
  6. Place this useful content within branding contexts in custom magazines or web sites.
  7. The same goes for SEO terms.  Use them, but don’t abuse them. As they occur in natural usage, use on.

Try it any other way and you’ll have only half-formed content.  Your readers and clients will be attracted initially but if it is only half-formed content then they will drift away with the feeling you are only a half-formed company


About Robert Frump

Robert Frump is an author, journalist and content strategist living in the New York City area.
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